Binance review

Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges globally in terms of trading volume. It is the world’s most trusted exchange which was established in 2017 and offers traders some of the most competitive trading fees.  Users also get bitcoin wallets where they can store their cryptocurrencies. Binance supports bitcoin purchase through debit/credit card and bank wire transfer and it is also ideal for OTC transactions. User can enjoy staking bonuses for more than 23 cryptocurrencies.

Please note that fees may vary based on your country or purchase amount. 

  • Least trading fees


  • Offers staking bonuses for 23 cryptocurrencies where users earn 1-25% interest for holding cryptos in their account

  • Debit/credit card purchase of bitcoin supported

  • Cryptocurrency purchase via wire transfer allowed

  • SAFU fund where 10% of the profits are kept which acts as surety for users’ funds against hacking

  • High buy orders and liquidity

  • Relocation of the exchange’s headquarters because of cryptocurrency regulations

  • Restricted payment options

Binance: A Trusted Exchange

Binance is the most trusted crypto exchange globally and its safe to buy BTC. Binance exchange processes 10-15 billion per day. The exchange charges the lowest trading fees in the industry and its founding team has had a massive impact in the cryptocurrency sector.

Binance Vs. Others

Besides Binance being the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange in the world today there are other exchanges where users can buy bitcoin safely and at the best price. Here is how Binance compares to other exchanges.

  • Kraken has 2.2 million daily users


  • Daily trading volume 100-300 mln

  • OTC kraken

  • More than 30 cryptocurrencies supported

  • Available in 180 countries

  • Trading charges 0.1-0.42%

  • Enjoys 12 mln Daily users


  • Trading volume 10-12 bln per day

  • OTC Binance

  • Supports more than 190 cryptocurrencies

  • Available in 180+ countries

  • Least trading fees

  • Most Trusted to buy btc

  • Enjoys more than 1 mln daily users


  • Daily trading volume at coinbase is 500 mln

  • Over 20 cryptocurrencies supported

  • Available in more than 100 countries

  • Trading fees up to 2%

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